18K Gold Medallion with Arabic Inscription, Allah

18K Gold Medallion with Arabic Inscription, Allah

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Jewelry, Pendant, 18K Gold Medallion with Allah (Arabic for God) inscribed on its face. Chain clasp included. Rear marked and stamped 750 which indicates the gold content to be 18K. Perimeter is elegantly designed and crafted.
About 18K Gold
One of the most common qualities of gold is 18K. 18K gold is the international standard for higher quality jewelry. 18K gold is 3/4 gold with only 1/4 of other materials added, whereas 14K gold is only a little more than half gold, with the rest being metal alloys. Therefore, 18K gold is more valuable and it usually has a deeper, richer yellow or rose color than 14K gold. 18K gold will also not tarnish, maintaining its color through the years. Diameter is 1 3/4 inches.


Author_Artist Arabic Craftsmen
Format Gold Medallion
ISBN_Marks 750 / 18K
Publisher_Producer Bahrain
Year 1970